Free downloads:

1. Applied Environmental Statistics course textbook

The uscore and Usc scripts for computing uscores of data with nondetects.
These are 2 of over 20 R scripts that come with our Nondetects And Data Analysis online course. See
our Training Site for course details.

Software for handling nondetect data (Version 5.1 of the NADA package for Minitab v18)
NOTE: We will not be providing NADA scripts for Minitab versions 19 and following.
Software for handling nondetect data (Version 4.4 of the NADA package for Minitab v15-17)

5. Users guide to NADA for R — the software for the R statistical system for handling nondetect data

6. Excel worksheet to compute the mean, UCL95 and other statistics using the Kaplan-Meier method for nondetects

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Much more is provided when you take any of our online courses, including software for:
Applied Environmental Statistics course: prediction and tolerance intervals and trend analysis — made easy;
Nondetects and Data Analysis course: over 20 scripts to perform data analysis with nondetects.

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