Free downloads:

1. Applied Environmental Statistics course textbook

Two R scripts: uscore and Usc . Used for computing multivariate methods for data with nondetects using uscores.
There are 37 R scripts that come with our Nondetects And Data Analysis online course. See our
Online Training Center for course details.

3. Software for handling nondetect data using Minitab
NOTE: We will not be providing NADA macros for Minitab versions 19 and following.
For Minitab v. 18: NADA macros version 5.2
For Minitab v. 17: NADA macros version 4.5
For Minitab v. 16: NADA macros version 3.3

4. Users guide to NADA for R — the software for the R statistical system for handling nondetect data

5. Excel worksheet to compute the mean, UCL95 and other statistics using the Kaplan-Meier method for nondetects

Much more is provided when you take any of our online courses, including software for:
Applied Environmental Statistics course: 20 scripts for permutation tests, bootstrapping, prediction and tolerance intervals and trend analysis;
Nondetects and Data Analysis course: 37 scripts to perform data analysis with nondetects.
See the courses on our Online Training Center

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