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What's the difference between bootstrapping and permutation tests?
Computing the UCL95 for small datasets
Tips for analysis of small data sets, Part 1
Nonparametric test for 2-factor ANOVA
Should I transform one or more X variables in regression?
Seven Perilous Errors in Environmental Statistics
Stats for Doubly-Censored Data
Tests for Equal Variance
Parametric, Nonparametric & Permutation Tests
The Power of Permutation Tests
R Studio as a front end to R statistics software
Software for Trend Analysis
Testing Fit to a Distribution
The Meaning of a Mean, as applied to pH and other log transformations
Top 12 Tips in Environmental Statistics
Stats for Remarked ("J values") Data
Bootstrapping Regression Models: Why and How
Review of lower-cost statistics software
pdf of detailed spreadsheet for Stat Package review
The need for modern time series methods with 'real time' data.
Which variables are most important in determining a multivariate pattern of chemicals or bio community structure?
The many faces of cluster analysis.
Principles for plotting data with nondetects
Should I ever delete (force to be 0) the regression intercept?
The UCL95 for data with nondetects
AIC: quality of regression and other models
ProUCL Unofficial Users Guide
Serial Correlation Adjustment for the Mann-Kendall Test
Urban Legends in Environmental Statistics
Multivariate Trend Tests with Nondetects
Multivariate Methods for Data With Nondetects - a preview of the upcoming 2nd ed. of the textbook on stats for censored data
Things People Do With Nondetects that are Just Wrong!
Interval Censoring - Newer methods for nondetects
Improvements in Software for Nondetects
Regression doesn't mimic a 1:1 line
Popularity of Statistical Software 2010
A modern flowchart for deciding which hypothesis test to use
Simple methods for nondetects, without substitution
Methods for regression with data including nondetects
Software that makes R easy to use.
Nondetects in fields outside of environmental science: what it can tell us
Is Excel an Adequate Statistics Package? An update
A comparison of Spearman's and Kendall's correlation coefficients, with reference to an article by G. Noether
Ggobi: Multivariate visualization
The Sign Test modified for data with many ties, as with zero counts or nondetects
Principal Components vs Factor Analysis vs Multiple Regression: How they differ.
Serial Correlation and its effects on environmental stats
Logistic Regression - A versatile and useful method
Sample size calculations for nonparametric tests
Permutation Tests - Avoiding restrictive test assumptions
The Cost of Statistical Software
Kaplan-Meier with Excel
Nonmetric MultDimensional Scaling is an extremely useful plot for viewing multidimensional patterns.
Equivalence Tests - application to environmental decisions
Free software: R and NADA for R
Free software -- Dataplot
The quantile test, with regulatory applications
Alternatives to regression, and why to use them
Hypothesis tests for censored data
Testing normality for censored data
Pairing observations, a good experimental design
Aitchison's DLOG method -- its just substitution
Storing nondetects in databases
Insider censoring
Better methods for computing summary stats with nondetects
Scatterplots for censored data
Correlation for censored data
Cohen's method for nondetects -- old technology
Why not substitute 1/2 the detection limit?
An Online Statistics Manual