Nondetects And Data Analysis

Statistics for censored environmental data
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Files to download:

Color course brochure and outline for the NADA course

A “users guide" to the NADA for R software package

Uscores function for R (Is not in the NADA for R package)

NADA macros v5.0 (for Minitab version 18) — January 2019
Not all macros included in 5.0, but most are.

NADA macros v4.4 (for Minitab version 17)

NADA macros v3.2 (for Minitab versions 14-16)

Excel worksheet to compute the Kaplan-Meier estimate of mean and UCL95 for data with nondetects

DDT in fish data from Chapter 13 of Statistics for Censored Environmental Data

Data sets from the 1st edition (2005) Nondetects And Data Analysis textbook. Most are also used in the 2nd (2012) edition

Answers to Exercises and Errata Sheet for the 1st (2005) version of the NADA textbook