Free downloads:

1. Applied Environmental Statistics course textbook

2. Software for handling nondetect data (Version 4.4 of the NADA package for Minitab v17) — v5 for Minitab 18 coming in 2018. Earlier versions available by request.

3. Users guide to NADA for R — the software for the R statistical system for handling nondetect data

4. Excel worksheet to compute the mean, UCL95 and other statistics using the Kaplan-Meier method for nondetects

5. All of our newsletters with tips for analysis of environmental data

Much more is available when you take any of our courses, including software for:
Applied Environmental Statistics course: prediction and tolerance intervals and trend analysis — made easy;
Permutation Tests course: bootstrapping, permutation tests (no normality assumption required);
Nondetects and Data Analysis course: a variety of methods to perform data analysis for nondetects;
Untangling Multivariate Relationships course: enhanced ordination plots.
…. and more.

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