1. Statistics for Censored Environmental Data using Minitab and R

by Dennis R. Helsel
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This second edition (2012) of the Nondetects And Data Analysis textbook (1st ed. 2004) introduces and explains methods for analyzing and interpreting censored ("nondetect") data in the environmental sciences. Adapting survival analysis techniques from other fields, the book translates well-established methods from other disciplines into new solutions for environmental studies. It applies methods of survival analysis, including methods for interval-censored data to the interpretation of low-level contaminants in environmental sciences and occupational health. New to the second edition is a chapter on multivariate methods for censored data, the use of interval-censored methods (especially for "remarked data" between the detection and quantitation limits), and expanded coverage of graphical methods for censored data. The basis for our Nondetects And Data Analysis online course and webinars.

2. Statistical Methods in Water Resources

Second edition (2020) by Dennis R. Helsel, Robert M. Hirsch, Karen R. Ryberg, Stacey A. Archfield, and Edward J. Gilroy.
The new 2nd edition will SOON be available soon as a free pdf. It contains updated statistical procedures, figures and examples performed with R software, and the associated website will contain all of the R code used throughout the book. —
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First edition (1992, 2002) by Dennis R. Helsel and Robert M. Hirsch
Classic text on statistics applied to the environmental sciences. Download it here.

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